BouncePro Trampolines

BouncePro Trampolines



When purchasing a trampoline for kids you’ll want to ensure that you obtain a model that’s well built and with several great safety features. In case you’re shopping for a quality trampoline that is both durable and safe, then Bounce Pro trampoline by Sportspower Ltd. is right-up your alley. Sports Power has been manufacturing trampolines as well as outdoor play equipment for more than 20 years, with retailers in the United States, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. They do take pride in developing high quality, innovative gear, which meet industry-tested standards. It’s the ideal size for medium to large backyards, and great for jumpers of all ages.


Bounce Pro ensures that their trampolines are manufactured with the highest quality. Everything from the UV-resistant jump mat to the-enclosure made of PE-netting with a steel cable ring-top scream out high-quality. The pad-protector even straps-down on equal sides, and this keeps children from falling-through the springs and thereby hurting themselves. Besides being rather well built, this rebounder does come equipped with the Spinning Flash-light Zone that gets attached underneath the mat and makes jumping much safer and more amusing. The Enclosure and the UV resistant jumping mat do its best at keeping your kids on the trampoline and away from those springs hopefully. At the-end of the day safety ought to be your #1 priority once it comes to re-bounders and it’s great to recognize that SportsPower has got you covered in this.


By combining 62 diverse designs as well as multicolored patterns it certainly does appear pretty cool during the night, although it could be a little difficult to see in the day. Fortunately, installing the light system is very easy and only needs AA batteries. Bounce Pro trampolines also include fun-accessories which will offer your children a bit of extra entertainment. The cool thing with regards to this trampoline is that it comes equipped with an enclosure and an electron game. Typically, the BouncePro is sold in 14′ model though there’re some retailers that do offer a 15′ model. Its extra accessories (Electron Shooter and Spinner Flashlight Zone) make it a fantastic choice for families with kids.


The Bounce Pro offers a great entry-level trampoline for families, but again this isn’t intended for adults (particularly heavier adults) to be jumping on it. Consequently, you should bear this in mind while purchasing it. Overall, the Bounce Pro by Sportspower Ltd is a safe, durable and fun outdoor equipment, wonderful for larger areas and families with kids, ages 6 or older. While families love the Bounce Pro with or without the bonus lights and toys, its innovative games do make it stand out from other trampolines for kids. The overall bounce seen with the Bounce Pro models is much higher as compared to the competition especially given its affordability.