Pure Fun Trampolines

Pure Fun Trampolines

Website: www.purefun.net

Pure fun is a brand which specializes in manufacturing and marketing sports products which help kids stay in good physical shape. Their flagship product is the trampoline although they also manufacture playground equipment and boxing toys. Pure fun trampolines come in two major categories namely kid’s trampolines and outdoor trampolines. However, their merchandise under trampolines also includes enclosures and accessories. Categories under playground equipment are see-saws, slides, and swings. All of these are targeted to kids. Adults can amuse themselves with boxing toys and the larger outdoor trampolines.


Quoting from them, Pure Fun is a brand which is about helping people see exercise as something fun to do. For this reasons, their products are a bit different from what other brands sell. They are not only colorful but creatively designed so that they draw the attention of everyone in the family including those who are officially proclaimed to be physically lazy. A good example is the Robo Boxer inflatable punching bag. Its design beckons your kids to fight and fight well for that matter; it has the shape of a robot with fists clenched. Another interesting creativity feat is the integration of tic tac toe on a model of their trampolines.


Pure fun also stocks replacement parts for trampolines and jumpers. You might need to replace some of your accessories like enclosures not necessarily because they are broken but maybe because you do not like the color. In addition, note that Pure Fun designs all of its equipment to be safe and comfortable. Crediting the materials and techniques used to manufacture them, you can count on the durability of pure fun trampolines and other play products. They are durable and will serve you for a long period of time. If you purchased them for your kids who will obviously grow up, they will last long enough to be viable for resale or donation.

Pure Fun 14 foot trampoline