Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Set Review

Product Name:Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline With Enclosure
Brand:Pure Fun
Size:12 ft
Weight Limit:250 pounds
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Buying a trampoline can be a big decision. There are several things that you have to consider and one being the safety level of the trampoline. Other factors to consider are the budget and service life. Trampolines are great for children to enjoy, but if they are not built right, they are going to pose some safety problems. The last thing you want is your child or someone else’s getting hurt on your trampoline.
With that being said, not all accidents are related to the design of the trampoline. Parents must make sure that their kids stick to all the safety guidelines, when using the trampoline. If you are looking for a truly great trampoline that you and your children can enjoy for years check out the Pure Fun Trampoline. Below you will find more information about the trampoline.
This great product comes with a safety net enclosure that will prevent your kid from falling off the side while jumping. The enclosure mesh is also made of UV resistant material that will prevent the sun’s harsh rays from breaking it down.
The Pure fun offers 12 feet of jumping area, so several children can enjoy it at one time. The overall construction and design is very desirable and will make an exceptional addition to your backyard.
The frame is constructed of 42 X 1.5 mm galvanized iron steel tubing, which will not rust or tarnish. This is important, since the trampoline is going to be exposed to the elements all year long. Of course, you can disassemble the trampoline and move it indoors, if you choose to do so, but it genuinely is not necessary.
It is important to take the time to teach your children about trampoline safety, before permitting them to use the Pure Fun. This also goes for all of the neighborhood children, so be sure to include this education time into your busy schedule.


The trampoline also comes with a safety mat that covers the springs. This design prevents anyone from falling through the springs while jumping on the trampoline. Thousands of children are transported to the emergency room annually and treated for injuries related to trampolines.
The trampoline jump mat is manufactured in the United States of America. The mat also includes a nifty looking little logo that if jumped on will give your child maximum jump height. If you want to achieve big time jumps, just bounce up and down on the logo a couple of times. The logo also keeps your children centered towards the middle of the trampoline, which in fact is the safest area to jump.
The manufacturers used a patented T-joint and no-weld system to construct the frame. This decreases the risks of the frame bending or breaking, while someone is jumping on the trampoline. You can rest assured that you and your children will be safe at all times.
The enclosure is equipped with a zipper, which will offer easy access. If you purchase the additional ladder, you will need to place it near the zipper.

  • The safety net will prevent your children from falling off the trampoline. It is also constructed of UV resistant material that will endure the harsh sun rays
  • The frame is constructed of sturdy galvanized steel tubing, which will not rust or tarnish
  • Very affordable
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Comes with an assembly tool
  • The logo on the jump mat will let your children know where to jump and bounce
  • Safety enclosure is 8’6” in height
  • Total weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Passed all TUV, GS, and ASTM safety standards and regulations with flying colors


  • The installation process is extremely difficult
  • Does not include a ladder, so it will be harder for smaller kids to get upon the trampoline


Overall Assessment


If you are searching for a sturdy trampoline for your entire family, you should look no further than the Pure Fun. It is equipped with a variety of safety mechanisms that will keep your children safe. The design is very appealing and will look great in your backyard. The enclosure is equipped with a zipper, so everyone will gain access with ease. Make sure that you place the trampoline of a flat surface to avoid tilting. Overall this is a heavy duty trampoline that will offer your family a long service life.



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